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Press Releases

Date Title
June Warren R. Procci Installed as 64th President of the American Psychoanalytic Association
April 99th Annual Meeting to be Held in Washington, D.C. June 9-13
March APsaA Announces Call for Entries for Journalism Award
March Call for Submissions - $1,000 Essay Prize in Psychoanalysis and Culture
January AMA Foundation Honors APsaA Member for Volunteerism
January Psychoanalysts to Convene at National Meeting


APsaA and Psychoanalysis in the News

December 23 – Maxine Gann contributes to a New York Times article on ‘neat freaks’ who struggle to maintain their happiness and composure during the holiday season.

December 21 - UNC Professor and APsaA member Paul Brinich provides tips on how to survive the holiday season surrounded by family or friends that you wouldn’t otherwise care to be with in this article from the Charlotte Observer.  

November 28 – Member Glen Gabbard is sourced in this week’s The Ethicist column (second reader question) from The New York Times Magazine.

November 24 – APsaA member and founder of The Soldiers Project, Judith Broder, discusses the psychological challenges that U.S. soldiers face during their time off from active duty in this Travel section article from The New York Times.

November 22 – APsaA members Barbara Milrod and re-tell instances of human behavior gone awry over Thanksgiving in this New York Times blog.

November 16 – Psychotherapist Associate member Phoebe Speck discusses the benefits of mindfulness in this article on

November 1 – Past APsaA President Prudence Gourguechon analyzes the rising popularity of “maybe” as an answer to many questions and invitations in this article from The Wall Street Journal.

October 28 – Elise Snyder is quoted again in this article from The New York Times that reports on a recent International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) meeting in China.

October 25 – APsaA member Elise Snyder’s efforts to promote psychoanalysis in China is covered by the Chinese edition of Voice of America in this (translated) piece online.

October 20 – Dr. Carmela Peréz takes readers questions in the November issue of Latina magazine’s Love Guide. Read the column here.

October 14 - APsaA member, distinguished child analyst and author Dr. Paul Holinger discusses ways that babies can communicate before they are able to speak on the ABC-affiliate in Dallas, TX. Watch the interview here.

October 12 - Elise Snyder is interviewed on worldwide BBC Radio where she elaborates on the reasons behind the explosive rise in psychoanalysis in China. Coverage on this issue begins at the 16:40 mark in the report. Listen to it here.

October 11 - Elise Snyder discusses the rapid growth of psychoanalytic training in China through the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA) in The Washington Post.

October 3 - Ken Settel pens a Letter to the Editor in The Boston Globe on a proposal to shorten the college experience to three years.

September 13 - Claudia M. Gold authors an op-ed for the Boston Globe on the importance of Maternity Leave in an infant’s development.

September 13 - Member Mark Smaller analyzes the traumatic effect that parents’ job loss can have on their children in Crain’s magazine.

September 8 -  Business psychoanalyst and APsaA member Kerry Sulkowicz is sourced in a piece on discussing the management of stress in the workplace.

September 3  - Past President Prudence Gourguechon has a letter to the editor published in The New York Times Magazine in response to a recent article on the millennial generation.

August 12 – Cleveland-based member Janet Sharp analyzes the root causes behind JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater’s on-the-job meltdown in The Plain-Dealer.

August 4 - Executive Board member Bob Galatzer-Levy was quoted in this ABC News article on false confessions.

July 28 – SOFAR (Strategic Outreach to Families of all Reservists) Co-Director Jaine Darwin, Psy.D is quoted extensively in this piece in Worcester Magazine on the mental health struggles that returning war veterans are facing in Massachusetts.

July 21 – Member Steven Rolfe provides tips and advice for managing stress in the workplace in this article for Yahoo! Hot Jobs.

July 11 -  APsaA member Robert Galatzer-Levy provides expert commentary in an article from the Chicago Tribune that explores the reasons why people give false confessions to a crime.

July 5 – Member Leon Hoffman comments on daydreaming in a Letter to the Editor in The New York Times.

July 2 – Member Glen Gabbard receives the APA/NIMH Vestermark Award at the American Psychiatric Association’s 2010 annual meeting in New Orleans.  Read here for coverage on his acceptance speech, in which he emphasizes the importance of continuing to teach psychotherapy to graduate students.

July 2 – Member Mark Smaller weighs in on ‘cyberbullying’ with a published Letter to the Editor in The New York Times (Fifth letter down).

July 1 – Georgetown University Professor and author Nancy Sherman is sourced in this article in Community Health magazine on war veterans and PTSD.  Sherman is quoted based on her recent book The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds and Souls of our Soldiers”.

July 1 – Paul Holinger has a piece published in the July issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry on corporal, or physical punishment.

June 22 – Honorary Member Eric Kandel and MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant recipient and APsaA member Elyn Saks participate in roundtable discussion of mental illness on Episode Nine of the Charlie Rose Brain Series.

June 14 – Member Claudia M. Gold has an op-ed published in The Boston Globe on the effect that electronics can have on the level of attention we give our children.

99th Annual Meeting Coverage

June 11 – The Washington Post mentions the Baseball and Psychoanalysis panel from the 99th Annual Meeting in the context of star pitcher Stephen Strasburg’s surging popularity.

June 11 – covers baseball, psychoanalysis and what Freud would have thought of the two.

June 11 – National Public Radio’s Health Blog runs a feature on the Baseball and Psychoanalysis panel.

June 8 - APsaA member Glen Gabbard explains the influence of psychoanalysis in pop culture in The Wall Street Journal.

June 7 - APsaA President Prudence Gorguechon cited on discussing Freudian theory in the 21st Century.

June 4 – Member Zvi Lothane’s article "Dramatology: A New Paradigm for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy," appears in the June volume of Psychiatric Times

May 9 – APsaA President Prudence Gourguechon and member Claudia M. Gold respond to a recent essay in the New York Times Magazine.

May 5 - Member Ken Settel offers insight into why certain people bet big at the gambling table on

May 4 – APsaA President Prudence L. Gourguechon tells readers of The Wall Street Journal why they should value all compliments equally in order to maintain a happier and more balanced lifestyle.

May 3 – Leon Hoffman, Co-Director of the Pacella Parent Child Centeris cited in this piece from NY Metro Parents titled "When Your Mom is Your Nanny".

April 19 - APsaA member and Executive V.P. of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute Paula Kliger, Ph.D. discusses ways to avoid depression during long-term unemployment in this article on and in a companion slide show.

April 11 – APsaA provides financial and volunteer support to SOFAR USA (Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists).  Its Co-Director Jaine L. Darwin, Psy.D. is quoted in the following article from The Washington Post.

April 7 – Member Kathryn Zerbe offers analysis in The New York Times on the growing phenomena of people who photograph their food before consuming it.

March 24 - Deborah Peel advocates for patients privacy rights in the Opinion section of the The Wall Street Journal.

March 16 - Kerry Sulkowicz analyzes the inner workings of the White House in the Financial Times.

March/April – In Psychology Today magazine, Mark Smaller speaks to the negative effect that the recession has on children and families.  The article was inspired by Dr. Smaller’s Letter to the Editor in The New York Times on this topic.

March 8 - Georgetown University Professor and APsaA member Nancy Sherman’s new book The Untold War is reviewed by TIME Magazine.

March 5 - Henry Friedman responds to The Wall Street Journal’s “Why Psychiatry Needs Therapy”

March 1 - Claudia M. Gold shares her opinions in The New York Times on the use of antipsychotic medication in children.

February 19 – Henry Friedman, M.D. shares his views on narcissism in a recent Letter to the Editor in The New York Times.

February 13 - APsaA member Wendy Jacobson explains the benefits to psychodynamic psychotherapy in The Huffington Post.

February 12 - APsaA member Mark Smaller discusses ways to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) on

January 30 - APsaA member Robert (Bob) Pyles is sourced in the article, "Coaching Baseball Rookies for the Limelight" in The New York Times.

January 24 - APsaA member Dr. Mark Smaller is featured in an article from The New York Times, based on the psychoanalytic therapy he provides to troubled teens at an alternative high school outside Chicago.

National Meeting Coverage

March 19 - Residents Learn How Much Resistance Can Reveal

March 19 - Is Hippocampus Sometimes a Time Traveler?

March 5 - High-Tech Initiative Brings Psychoanalysis to China

March 5 - How to Turn Psychotherapy into Exciting Television

March 5 - Psychiatrists, Courts Often Differ on What ‘Whole Truth’ Is

January 30 - Doctor's Orders: Brain's Wiring Makes Change Hard

January 18 - APsaA: Connecting Online with Patients in China

January 18 - APsaA: Do We Need the Past to Imagine the Future?

January 18 - APsaA: Top Psychoanalytic Journals Lack Rigorous Research

January 18 - APsaA: Away from the Couch and into the Community

January 18 - APsaA: Patient's Suicide Less Stressful in Deed than in Thought

January 18 - APsaA: Financial Meltdown More than a Case of Greed

January 16 - APsaA: Are Physicians Too Quick to Medicate ADHD?

January 15 - APsaA: Use of 'Birth Others' Affects the Kids

January 13 - Psychoanalyst(s) Seeking Makeover WNYC News Blog

January 14 - Deborah Peel quoted in recent edition of Modern Healthcare discussing Electronic Health Records and medical privacy.

January 4 - Andrea Celenza was quoted in New England Psychologist magazine for an article on handling violent patients.


Play Ball!

Analysts combined work and play at the recent 99th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten, renowned sports psychotherapist John Ratey, APsaA President-Elect Robert Pyles and APsaA child analyst Paul Holinger joined a panel developed by member Bruce Levin to explore the psychoanalysis of baseball. This unique event was capped off by on-field access and prime seats to that evening’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Nationals Park.