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Position Statement on Marriage


WHEREAS homosexuality is a normal variant of adult sexuality and,

WHEREAS gay men and lesbians possess the same potential and desire for sustained loving and lasting relationships as heterosexuals and,

WHEREAS same-sex couples are raising children and have the same potential and desire as heterosexual couples to love and parent children and,

WHEREAS existing marriage laws in the United States discriminate against same-sex couples and,

WHEREAS same-sex couples and their children are adversely affected by these discriminatory marriage laws and,

WHEREAS the milestone of marriage moves a couple and its children into full citizenship in American society and, WHEREAS discriminatory marriage laws deprive gay and lesbian couples of over 1000 federal rights and benefits and,

WHEREAS the denial of such benefits has been demonstrated to have significant psychological and social impact on gay and lesbian couples and their families, and the converse, that research is now substantiating the benefit that accrues to married same-sex couples and their children

The American Psychoanalytic Association supports the legal recognition of same-sex civil marriage with all the rights, benefits and responsibilities conferred by civil marriage, and opposes discrimination against same-sex couples, and the denial to same-sex couples these same rights, benefits and responsibilities.

Approved January 17, 2008.