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Mr. Dean K. Stein
Executive Director
(212) 752-0450, ext. 30
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Ms. Tina Faison
Administrative Assistant to Executive Director
    Committee on Research/Special Training (CORST WAIVERS)
    Committee on Preparedness and Progress (COPAP WAIVERS) 
    Fund for Psychoanalytic Research
    Candidate Assistance Fund (member login required)
(212) 752-0450, ext. 23
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Biannual Meetings

Ms. Carolyn Gatto
Scientific Program & Meetings Director
    Program Committee
(212) 752-0450, ext. 20
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Mr. Michael Candela
Meetings & Exhibits Coordinator
(212) 752-0450, ext. 12
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Ms. Rosemary Johnson
Meetings & Fellowship Assistant
    Administrative-related Activities for Biannual Meetings
    Fellowship Program
(212) 752-0450, ext. 28
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Mr. Christopher Broughton
Continuing Education & Meetings Registration Manager
    Continuing Education & Joint Sponsorship
(212) 752-0450, ext. 19
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Membership Services and Education

Ms. Debra Steinke Wardell
Manager, Education and Membership Services
    Membership Services (Benefits/Dues/Applications)
    Membership Committees (MRRC/Candidate Membership)
    Education Department
    Liaison to Association of Administrators (APsaA Institutes/Societies)
    Board on Professional Standards:
    Certification Examination Committee
    Committee on Child/Adolescent Analysis (COCAA)
    Committee on Institutes (COI)
    Committee on New Training Facilities (CNTF)
(212) 752-0450, ext. 26
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Ms. Yorlenys Lora
Membership Services Assistant
    Associate Programs: Educator - Psychotherapist -Research - Student/Resident
(212) 752-0450, ext. 18
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Public Affairs

Dr. Geralyn Lederman
Director of Public Affairs
    Committee on Public Information
    Award for Excellence in Journalism
    CORST Essay Prize
(212) 752-0450, ext. 29
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Computer Services

Mr. Brian Canty
Manager, Computer Information Systems
    Internet Mail Server, Email Lists, Email Problems
    Membership Database
(212) 752-0450, ext. 17
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Mr. Johannes Neuer
Web Producer (Consultant)
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Ms. Nerissa Steele-Browne
Manager, Accounting Department
    Accounting Services
    Accounts Payable
(212) 752-0450, ext. 16
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Ms. Sherkima Edwards
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
    Accounts Receivable
    Membership Dues
    Journal Subscriptions
(212) 752-0450, ext. 15
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