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Find an Analyst Help

Finding a psychoanalyst in your area is easy with APsaA's new Find an Analyst tool

Basic Search

Just enter your ZIP code, select a search radius, and click on "Find Analyst".

The results are conveniently displayed as a list and on the map.

Click on "View Analyst" to find out more about a particular analyst.

On the analyst profile screen, you can learn more about individual specialties, look up contact information, and get directions.

To keep this page for your records, just click "Print".

When you are done, return to the search results page by clicking on "Close Window".

Advanced Search

The "Advanced Search" tab lets you focus your search, for example by specialty or by name.

Enter criteria such as city, state, or specialty to narrow your search. To reset your search criteria, click on 'clear all fields' .

The Last name field includes a suggestion feature. As you type, the tool suggests names, and narrows down the list as you add letters. When you see the right name, simply select it and click on "Find Analyst".  The list will display based on your Advanced Search criteria.

As before, you can click on "View Analyst Profile" to learn more about the analyst.