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Undergraduate Studies

The 10,000 Minds Project commissioned two major studies related to psychoanalysis and undergraduate education, each thefirst of their kind. Both studies generated invaluable information.

1. "Access To Psychoanalytic Ideas in American Undergraduate Institutions"

by Jonathan Redmond and Michael Shulman
Journal of theAmerican Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA)
June 2008; 56:02 391-408.
To determine the prevalence of teaching about psychoanalytic ideas in the undergraduate curricula of 150 highly ranked colleges and universities, a software-based search was conducted to find references to psychoanalytic content in published course catalogues. This article summarizes those findings.

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2. "Psychoanalytic Theory in Introductory Psychology Textbooks"

by Jan Habarth, James Hansell,and Tyler Grove
Previous studies have raised concerns about the adequacy of the coverage of psychoanalytic content in undergraduate psychology textbooks. This study, however, investigates the accuracy and currency of psychoanalytic content in the best-selling introductory psychology textbooks from 2005.

A poster presentation related to this study was presented at the 2008 annual meetings of the Association for Psychological Science andof the American Psychological Association.