The American Psychoanalytic Association sponsors a number of programs ranging from legislative advocacy to programs addressing current issues in society as well as initiatives fostering psychoanalytic research.


APsaA is advocating on a number of issues at both the federal and state levels. This section contains information about those issues and in some cases, related legislative bills.

American Psychoanalytic Foundation (APF) Committee

The mission of the APF Committee is to raise funds and sponsor programs promoting a better understanding of psychoanalysis and encouraging effective and innovative dissemination of psychoanalytic ideas and services to the public.

Fellowship Program

The American Psychoanalytic Association founded its Fellowship Program as part of an initiative to provide outstanding early-career psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and academics, the future educators and leaders in their fields, additional knowledge of psychoanalysis.


The American Psychoanalytic Association sponsors several research programs including the Fund for Psychoanalytic Research, Empirical Studies of Psychoanalytic Treatments, Process, and Concepts, and the Scientific Paper Prize.

Soldiers and Veteran's Initiative

The Soldiers and Veterans Initiative (SVI) adds a psychoanalytic voice to the public's response to a growing mental health crisis among soldiers, veterans and their families - a crisis that is widely recognized by policy and mental health experts.