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National Editor

  • Dean K. Stein - Executive Director of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Editorial Board

  • Brenda Bauer - Doctoral candidate (A.B.D.) in clinical psychology at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology. She is a clinical fellow at the Karen Horney Clinic in New York, and a Fellow in Psychoanalysis at the NYU Psychoanalytic Institute. She is co-chair of the Committee on Student and Resident Associates and co-chairs the Special Program for Students and Residents.
  • Vera J. Camden - Graduate and faculty of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute.
  • Leslie Cummins - Biography to follow.
  • Phillip S. Freeman - Biography to follow.
  • Maxine Fenton Gann - Psychoanalyst and Psychologist. Member, New York Psychoanalytic Institute, Faculty and Supervisor NYPI Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program; Psychology Internship.
  • Noreen Honeycutt - Biography to follow.
  • Sheri Butler Hunt - Adult and Child Psychiatrist. Candidate in Adult and Child psychoanalysis, The Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Private practice in Seattle, WA. Master of Arts in English Literature, University of Washington.
  • Laura Jensen - Psychologist. Candidate in Adult and Child psychoanalysis at the Denver Institute. President-elect of the Affiliate Council, member of the Task Force on Expanded Membership Criteria, member of the Task Force on Reorganization, and former co-editor of the Affiliate Council Newsletter. In private practice in Denver, CO.
  • Nadine Levinson - Biography to follow.
  • A. Michele Morgan - Graduate of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute.
  • Julie Jaffe Nagel - Biography to follow.
  • Marie Rudden - Training and supervising analyst, Berkshires Psychoanalytic Institute and President, Berkshire Society for Psychoanalysis. Prinicipal Investigator for two research projects funded by the American Psychoanalytic and International Psychoanalytic Associations, respectively.
  • Hinda Simon - Private practice in adult psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Faculty of the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute. Clinical assistant professor, Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Vaia Tsolas - Biography to follow.

Senior Correspondent

  • Jane Currin Walvoord, LCSW - Graduate and member of The Dallas Psychoanalytic Institute and Society and The Psychoanalytic Association of New York, Past President of the Affiliate Council of the APsaA, private practice in New York City, adult psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.


  • Mervin Stewart - Biography to follow.

Manuscript and Production Editors

  • Michael and Helene Wolff - Technology Management Communications.