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Educational Achievement Award Winners

(Established in 2006)


Gilbert W. Kliman, M.D., Medical Director of The Children’s Psychological Health Center of San Francisco

2014 University City Children's Center and Stephen P. Zwolak, CEO of the LUME Institute of St. Louis
2013 Carrie Catapano, LCSW, Head Of School, Leon Hoffman, M. D., Chief Psychiatrist, and the West End Day School of New York City
2012 Elizabeth Cutter Evert, L. C. S. W., and Carla Bauer Rentrop, Ph. D., for the IPTAR On-Site School Program, and for their work with Central Park East II School, Girls' Preparatory Charter School, George Jackson Academy, De La Salle Academy, and the Satellite Academy High School all of New York City
2011 Stuart W. Twemlow, M.D.
2010 Lindsley Park Day School, Dallas, Texas
2008 Jonathan Cohen
President of the Center for Social and Emotional Education in New York
2006 Two winners
Diane Thompson Manning, Ph.D.
Ayelet Barkai, M.D

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