Undergraduate Education Prize Winners

(Established in 2010)

2017 Tung Chau, from the University of Pennsylvania, for her paper, "Masochism in Three Texts"
2016 John Dall’Aglio, from Brown University, for his paper, "What can Psychoanalysis Learn from Neuroscience? The Neuropsychoanalysis Debate"
2014 William See, from Colorado College, for his paper, "Owning Experience"
2013 Caroline Beaton, from Colorado College, for her paper, "To the Lighthouse and the Oedipal Triangle: Impotence, Erotic Degradation and the Oedipus Complex from Freudian and Self-Psychological Perspectives"
2011 Arthur Schechter, from The College of William and Mary, for his paper, "Wagnerian Volkideologie, Narcissism, and Aesthetics: A Study in the Totalitarian Imaginary"
Second prize: Trevor James, from Harvard University, for his paper, "The Living Dying Text"
2010 Lindsay Smith, from the University of Florida, for her paper, "'I would not kill thy soul': The Introjection of the Good Imago in Othello"

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