Website How To: Member Log In & Password Change


Welcome to APsaA’s new website. This site has been designed to make finding information easier than ever. The home page serves as your gateway to a wealth of information.

  • The Events tab is where we will post events being hosted by APsaA, institutes and societies
  • New and Announcements is where you will find important reminders about meeting and awards deadlines, Association news, and more
  • Find an Analyst is easier to access than ever.
  • You can easily keep up with the Association’s advocacy work and position statements

Please explore the home page and drop down menus!

Follow these written instructions or watch the video tutorial.

Member Log In & Password Change

One of the most exciting new features is member log in. You can now access the members section using your email and a password of your choosing, a password that you can change at any time.

Upon the launch of the website each member will be sent a temporary password that can easily be changed the first time you log on to the site.

Log In:

From the home page click For Members at the top right side of the page. 

  • Step 1 Click For Members

  • Step 2 Enter your email. This email should be the one at which you receive APsaA email, since that is the address we have on file for you. If you wish to change the email at which you receive APsaA mail, please contact Brian Canty.

  • Step 3 Enter the temporary password you have been sent by APsaA. Click the Log In tab.

You will automatically be taken to the members section, which features all of the information it did on the previous site, with the addition of a link to APsaA Connects, which is described in a separate document here.

Changing Your Password:

  • Step 1  Click on My Account, located on the right side of the very top of the page

  • Step 2 Click on the Edit tab that appears directly below your name

  • Step 3 In the box that says current password, type in the password you wish to change (the temporary password you received via email)

  • Step 4 In the box that says password, type in the new password you want to use

  • Step 5 In the box that says confirm password, re-type the new password

  • Step 6 Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the save button 

You now have a new password of your own choosing!


You have probably noticed that there is a change email option in this section. Changing your email here will only change where website notifications (e.g. forum post notifications) are sent. It will NOT change where you receive APsaA email. If you wish to have APsaA emails sent to a different email than the one at which you currently receive them, please contact Brian Canty.

Watch the video tutorial.